CONTRACTROOM – case study

Who was the Client

Contractroom provides a contract lifecycle management SaaS platform that allows handling of all of the complexities of contract negotiation online. Starting with templating, to drafting, and finishing with negotiations to signature and post signature tasks.


Contractroom called for developing a secure and performant web application from the ground up that would be highly available and stable enough to deliver the best experience for companies from the Fortune 500 list. The primary focus needed to be on real-time contract cooperation and negotiation, digital signatures, document workflow visual designer, rich text editing of long documents and Word format import/export. In addition to the main cloud environment, it also needed to allow private cloud, on-premises, and white-labeled deployments.

Since the application was supposed to deal with highly sensitive data, the highest security requirements were necessary to be implemented into the system and at the same time being able to blend in with the current workflows, maintaining a multitenant structure but also supporting on-premises private cloud. Also, the end-users of the application are used to a certain set of tools with a very particular user interface. That’s why the UX needed to be top-notch and in line with the users’ expectations.

This application held a business-critical functionality with process documents 300 pages long and as such the MVP needs to be delivered to the market extremely fast. That’s why it was required for our team to be highly available and to present the highest performance possible. 


We’ve designed and created a powerful Framework builder that allows for contract templates to be created and then split into sections with separate business terms and conditional clauses. Each framework can have a set of specialized rules associated with it, allowing users to automate common tasks like requesting approval when the terms exceed predefined values. The contracts can be defined as a part of a multi-document engagement and then the entire document workflow can be defined in a CRM system. Then the people responsible for the next actions are notified about a new task pending. We’ve also created an integrated, system-wide, full-text search and analytics solution to increase document management capabilities of the application.

The entire infrastructure was built on AWS, leveraging its dedicated services like RDS and Elastic Load Balancer, utilizing state-of-the-art technology for the entire architecture. We also handled the production environment setup and maintenance in the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Also, our team handled all the aspects of infrastructure setup for the end-client on the cloud and on-premises, for global corporate clients like Facebook.

What technology was used

Because we delivered both the frontend and backend, we could utilize state-of-the-art technology for this business-critical project:

  • Python
  • Django framework
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Celery and Redis for messaging
  • Gevent and for online cooperation
  • Vue.js and Bootstrap at the frontend
  • Elasticsearch for full-text search and analytics

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