What sets us apart
  • Our proactive team members are always willing to go the extra mile to solve your problems.
  • We invest in our employees’ growth so that they can stay up-to-date with the latest technology.
  • As engineers have international experience, which makes it easier for them to adapt to new environments.
We are part of your team

We work on a long-term basis and our goal is to be part of your team and help you to achieve the best results in your projects. Our team members are constantly evolving to stay ahead of the curve in the latest technologies. This allows us to provide you with the best possible service.

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Best partners for your business

Our team has the experience, resources and knowledge to handle any project, from small to large, from start to finish. We are your one-stop shop for all your engineering needs.

Projects we worked on
Logo AutoDesk
Managed access to 100+ products available to students and educators

We developed an app that allowed users to manage their licenses and request support, ensuring a superb user experience.

Logo American Red Cross
Processed over 150k new applicants at once

Redesigning the entire intake process for new volunteers became a significant challenge, as even 150,000 new applicants needed to be processed.

Logo News Direct
Maximized media system flexibility and scalability

Both frontend and backend incorporated modern technology, allowing for communication using synchronous and asynchronous calls.

Logo SingleCare
Improved UX and increased website conversion by approx. 20%

We designed and developed a new microservices-based architecture centerthe Golang ecosystem from the ground up.

logo Raise
Improved the overall system design quality

Dedicated frontend and backend teams worked together with partners’ in-house teams to deliver more innovation on the platform.

We bring the talent and expertise to your tech departments. We do this by becoming an extension of your team and understanding your business.
How do we work

NG Logic representative collects all the information about the project such as objectives, tasks, risks, and constraints


Project managers gauge what we can do for our clients


Dedicated recruitment experts identify and assess candidates for our clients


Only the most qualified candidates are presented to our clients


If a candidate is selected by the client, the candidate is onboarded by NG Logic and delegated to the project

Get to know us more

You can fully describe the project during a call or by completing a questionnaire.

Before integrating the engineer to your team, you can speak with them and see whether they are a good tech and cultural match.

Our engineers are proactive and do not hesitate to speak up and ask questions. They want to understand the importance and impact of their work on end users.

Talk with experts

We look forward to hearing from you to start expanding your business together.

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    • 400 Concar Dr.
      San Mateo, CA 94402
    • 5900 Balcones Dr. STE.100
      Austin, TX 78731


    • Nowogrodzka 31
      00-511 Warsaw, Poland
    • Grzybowska 60
      00-844 Warsaw, Poland


    • Akashdeep Apt., Ganeshnagar, Dhayari,
      Pune - 411041 Maharashtra, India


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    • 400 Concar Dr
      San Mateo, CA 94402
    • 5900 Balcones Dr. STE.100
      Austin, TX 78731
    • Akashdeep Apt., Ganeshnagar,
      Dhayari, Pune - 411041 Maharashtra, India.
    • Nowogrodzka 31,
      00-511 Warsaw, Poland

      Grzybowska 60,
      00-844 Warsaw, Poland
    • 80 Tigran Mets St.
      0005 Yerevan, Armenia