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    What we can help you with.

    Data Mining

    We will help you sort and process large data pools and find relationships between the data points.

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    Database Ops

    We will build, fix or further develop your data environment to help you scale up your business.

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    Data Engineering

    We will design and build you a system that will collect, store, and analyze your data according to your business needs.

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    Data Science

    We will help you analyze your collected data to find the best business solutions.

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    Python Engineers

    Our senior Python developers will match your backend needs.

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    Go & Cloud

    Our vast Golang and Cloud experience allows us to build world-class cloud applications.

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    20 years of experience.

    We have over 20 years of experience in the global IT market. Most of our long-term clients are US-based fast-growing businesses in Healthcare, eCommerce, MarTech, and FoodTech industries.

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    We take your business goals and needs seriously

    World-class tech talents

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