Document content & workflow management
Workflow engines, rich text editors, audit trails, fine-grained permissions, history tracking, document conversion, MS Word inter-operatibility
Transactional systems and payment processing
Integration with merchants and payment processors, account & financial data management, hardening and security, web application firewalls, reporting
Reporting systems
Data warehouses, ETL process development, data streams processing, data analytics, OLAP systems, integration with 3rd party Business Intelligence tools (Looker, Tableau, Exago)
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Forecasts, Insights, Deep learning, Natural language processing, Computer vision
Financial Technology (FinTech)
Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Ethereum, Bitcoin
Software as a Service and cloud-based systems
Multi-tenant applications, microservices architecture, event sourcing, high scalability, public API development
Internet of Things and Embedded systems
Android Wear and Apple Watch apps, Arduino and ESP embedded systems, Raspberry Pi, Beacons

Our work

Our experience is the most valuable asset

We have proven track record of successful implementations of complex software systems in multiple business verticals.

who we are?

We have over 15 years of experience in end-to-end delivery of fully-fledged software applications. From product and functionality vision, through visual and architecture design, team and development processes management, to QA, continuous deployment, platform maintenance and ongoing support, we've got you covered. Whether you need a whole team of specialists designing and delivering your product, or just an extension of your current development team in order to help with the buildup of work, we are here to help.

Why choose us?

We deliver rock solid applications at affordable rates.

We stay in day-long touch, no more timezone communication issues!

We work closely with your existing team and blend into your culture.

We have a lot of experience designing scalable applications on AWS

How we work

State-of-the-art technology and superior development methodology

Our teams are using best-of-breed technologies available on the market in order to deliver solutions sooner and with outstanding quality. We are employing agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban) across the whole company to minimize overhead while having great communication with our stakeholders.

Our clients are encouraged to work closely with the development teams and establish feedback loop for better alignment of business and technical planes. Our managers work hard to make the communication across teams and companies seamless and pleasant.



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