Over 20 years of experience in building custom software solutions

Extensive experience in health technology

We create medical technology for the benefit of all


We collaborate with pharmaceutical companies through the study of Rx/OTX big data

We develop the biotech research of the future

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We comply with with FDA regulations for Rx/OTC projects

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We contribute to health-focused products for improved quality of life

Our contribution to some health technology projects

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The challenge

We had to redesign the application procedure for new volunteers while maintaining its user-friendliness, security, and compliance with numerous policies (150,000 new applications required to be handled).

The solution

We built a system that collected all required personal data, verified applicants' identities by email or text message, and enabled them to receive and accept any required documentation. An entirely different workflow was developed for teenage candidates obtaining parental approval in order to conform local regulations across the country.

Logo SingleCare

The challenge

We had to build an infrastructure environment that was more stable and reliable to enable cost optimization. We also had to ensure performance and business scalability, so the system had to be upgraded to modern technology.

The solution

We created a new microservices-based architecture centered on the Golang ecosystem from scratch and migrated to a single-page React.js application. Using this strategy, we were able to construct an architecture that greatly facilitated quick application growth and commercial expansion. In addition, we completely overhauled their Airflow data flows, added a data storage based on Google BigQuery, and developed a number of machine learning models that increased revenue and marketing effectiveness.

What we do

Check the software engineering expertise we provide.

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Back-end engineering

We create back-end solutions for businesses that are looking to enter the digital space or expand their current online presence. Technologies used: Golang, Python, Java, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Redis.

IoT development

Our solutions are designed to help businesses connect devices and sensors to the internet to collect and analyze data, automate processes, and create new applications. Technologies used: Beacons, Smart Home solutions.

Android development

We develop custom Android solutions that meet your specific business needs and budget for any kind of Android-based mobile or tablet device. Technologies used: Java, Kotlin, React Native, Flutter, Dart.


We know how to use the capabilities of iOS to create high-quality solutions. We provide end to end solutions to our clients to create their own iOS app. Technologies used: Swift, React Native, Flutter, Fabric

Front-end engineering

Your app’s front end is what your users see and interact with. We deliver reliable, user-friendly, and secure interfaces. They perform seamlessly across different devices. Technologies used: React.js, Vue.js, CKEditor, Slate, Gatsby, Nuxt.js, Next.js.

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