NG Logic Announced a Top B2B Company in Poland

3 July 2018
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An IT solutions company, we formed 15 years ago and have seen rapid growth and success ever since. We specialize in mobile and web applications, integration, and IT audit, all of which are led by expert team members. We believe that the best asset to any company is to have smart people working behind the scenes and that is exactly what we have built in the last decade to create an innovative and driven team that finds solutions to any problem our clients are having. Because of this, we have recently been named a Top B2B Company by Clutch, a ratings and reviews firm based in Washington D.C., notably for our high performance as a web developer in Poland. Clutch conducts verified reviews for thousands of companies around the world by interviewing past and current clients, as well as by using an objective scoring system that judges based on factors such as market presence and industry recognition.

One of our clients, the VP of development for a nonprofit, had this to say about us: “They’re good at understanding what you’re trying to achieve and they work as part of the team. You can give them general directions around certain areas, and they’re able to think through it with you and come up with solutions.” Another one of our clients, the CTO of a company that builds software used by engineers, said this: “They’re very strong developers and have good communication skills. They interact with the US team seamlessly and are a good addition to the capacity of the team.”

In recent years, we have started changing our focus to newer and more advanced technologies, as the future is headed in that direction. We are constantly adapting and learning new ways of helping our clients, which gives us an edge that isn’t seen in most companies. As we continue to grow and change, we are still remaining loyal to our main goal, which is simply to provide the most reliable and efficient IT solutions that we can and we plan. For more information on us, as well as full reviews, check out our profile on Clutch.

Marcin Wudarczyk

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