Let’s meet at TechCrunch Disrupt 2022!

14 October 2022
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My name is Marcin and I’m the CEO of NG Logic LLC. I’m on the TC Disrupt 2022 and luckily so are you! If you only wish for it I’ll be happy to meet you and talk about your company’s software challenges.

Why should we meet? I can think of a few reasons.

We care for our partners

We believe in long-term partnerships, so we do everything to help our clients reach their software goals. Our development team will always suggest the best course of action. We often help in transforming parts of the client’s core systems into something more efficient and it seems to be working well – 80% of companies that work with us have stated that we surpassed their expectations. 

Proven track record

We have dozens of proven projects and long-term partnerships with US-based companies from industries such as healthcare, fintech, media, and marketing. We have also successfully worked with nonprofit organizations such as American Red Cross. 

Real deal, real skill

All of our developers are world-class self-driven talents that could easily become senior or lead developers in most tech companies. We’re a remote-first organization that believes in individual agency and results rather than logged hours. 

Would you like to meet at TC Disrupt 2022?

You can call me on my phone at (415) 886 9862
write to me at [email protected].

See you there!

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