COVID-19 — How tech companies are doing their part to help during the global coronavirus pandemic?

During the hard times of global coronavirus pandemic, every day we get more and more negative information from all around the world. Many people are afraid for their health, jobs, businesses and even lives. Companies, both small and large, are dealing with the recession in many different industries.


On the positive note, in these hard times, many tech companies are utilizing their resources and business models to help out others. Allowing employees to work fully remotely and utilizing online communication technologies helps flatten out the curve by social distancing. 


Helping local businesses


Many companies utilize their already established business models to help out local businesses. This kind of approach allows local business owners to go through these times, minimalizing their cash flow limitations. Dine-in restaurants are down to 100% and food delivery is down by 30%-50%. For many local restaurants, this makes for nearly 80% overnight drop. This is why our engineers are working hand in hand with Raise to help local businesses all across the US by distributing gift cards that can be used after the coronavirus restrictions are over. By “paying-it-forward” type of gift cards, much-needed cash flow can be at least partly restored to keep local restaurants in business. If you are interested you can read the Raise case study here.

[email protected] – helping scientists fight the virus


Countless scientists all across the world are working hard on fighting the coronavirus. To make that as efficient as possible much computer power is needed. This is why Fold[email protected] project, that focuses on the disease research, was created. It allows everyone to do their part in fighting diseases together, by “letting” some of their computer power to the scientists and speeding up their calculations. 


Many users all around the world – both private and enterprises – are joining this program to help move the researches forward at a faster pace. You can join the program here and become a part of the movement.