How to verify a software house before outsourcing your IT project?

27 January 2020
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Before starting a new piece of software with any software house a verification process in one of the things that need to be done to ensure smooth cooperation and success of your product. No matter if it’s full project outsourcing or team augmentation, a proper partner verification will help you find the best solution for your software development needs. However to make the whole process efficient and as flawless as possible you need to follow a couple of basic steps.

Testimonials are often the number one step to do when finding a new software house. In most cases, they are easy to find on the company’s website. That will give the first look into their clients and projects they’ve developed, helping you understand what’s their client profile and if id both of you are a good fit to work together on a new project.

To get an even more comprehensive understanding of their project history go through their project portfolio and case studies. A well-rounded and diverse portfolio with thorough case studies is a good indicator of the company’s maturity and that they have the resources to handle different projects in terms of technology used and product design.  

Going through independent company review sites like is an absolute must. There you can find objective and verified reviews from “real” clients that have worked with the company you are trying to get to know. This is might be very valuable knowledge for you, as the reviews are not a part of marketing materials from the company’s website but independent verification of their work.

Another way to understand how they work and to get a grasp of the quality of their services is actually getting on a call with their previous or current clients. Bringing a third party into the conversation will allow you to better understand who their clients are and what’s the real added value that the software house can bring to your company. That’s the most direct way you can verify a company that you potentially want to work with.

Understanding who did they previously worked with, so in which verticals, with what size of companies, etc. will give you a better overview of what their target group is and if they can bring an added value to your project through similar experience and technology background.

On top of that, never forget about the legal aspects of your cooperation. Find out if the partner you want to start a cooperation with has a legal entity in the U.S. (or wherever you are based). Although this is not mandatory, and you can surely find many great companies from foreign destinations, it makes life so much easier from a legal standpoint.

Finally, give them a call, or fill out a form for them to contact you. There is no better way to get to know your future partner in detail. prepare a list of questions you want to ask them, try to be very detailed and specific. This will give you a better understanding if they are the kind of partner you want to be working with. Not only in terms of technical skills and experience but also in terms of soft skills and if that’s the kind of partnership you are looking for.

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