WEB Applications

At NG Logic we specialize in building perfect web apps with excellent front-end user experience and rock-solid backend foundation. We always tailor the solution and technology to specific customer needs. Whether you need a CMS with extra functionality, a multi-tenant Software as a Service application, or Artificial Intelligence/Natural Language Processing engine we are able to design and make it work for you.

It is all backed up by continuous software integration and QA process as well as infrastructure management (AWS, Google Cloud, others) and continuous delivery making releases to production a breeze. We can release an MVP 30% faster and with 25% of cost reduction than similar companies.

In terms of technologies, we have experience with almost all of the modern ones, including Python (Django, Flask), Java (Sprint Boot), Ruby (on Rails), Go, React.js, Vue.js, REST, GRPC, Kubernetes, microservices architecture etc.  Our business consultants, analytics and system architects will be happy to help define the requirements, technology and hosting environment.

Mobile applications

Our team produces state-of-the-art mobile applications for both Android and iOS. For your app, we can use use either native technologies or cross platform (Quasar, React.native, Flutter). We will also take care of the backend service that enables the app to communicate and interact with other users and you. Finally, we will take care of the QA process and deployment to Google Play store or App Store and make sure the app works properly after OS upgrades or new devices being released.


We are experienced in working with integration projects, including REST, JSON, SOAP, GRPC, XML-RPC as well as web service clients and servers. We have been working with 3rd party teams from all over the world to ensure the integration projects are successful. Our successful integrations are being used by Fortune 500 companies to send hundreds of transactions per minute.


We are capable of handling all aspects of a complex IT system’s lifecycle, starting with analyzing the requirements and writing the specification, through designing the architecture, developing and implementing the software, up to providing support and maintenance post-launch.

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