Real estate management application

We have teamed up with a NYC-based startup to develop a new version of their web application. Our developers were working hand in hand with on-site developers to deliver a new, better experience to the end users. The technology stack was based on React.js, Kotlin, microservices architecture, GRPC and Kafka.

Machine Learning application

This web application uses Machine Learning to train a set of agents using ML and simulate the outcomes that later can be used in specific scenarios configured in the editor. The application was deployed to AWS with high availability and internally leverages Django, Celery and Keras for AI.

Contract Room

For our US based customer we are developing a web application allowing for the negotiation of agreements and contracts online.

The Framework builder allows for powerful agreement templates that can be split into sections, have separate business terms and conditional clauses.

Each framework can have a set of specialized rules associated with it allowing to automate common tasks, like requesting for approval when the terms exceed predefined values.

The agreements can be part of a multi-document engagement. The entire document workflow can be defined in the CR system, and then people responsible for next actions are notified when the task is pending on them.

Assembly Seating

A reservation system for assemblies organized by AJLI. An admin interface allows for a list of attendees to be uploaded who can then be assigned seats through a custom front-end interface that tailors available options depending on the user currently logged in.

Placement Matching

The administrative and end-user components of AJLI’s process of assigning responsibilities to their members. The admin side allows for the configuration of placements for a given league and fiscal year as well as the monitoring of individual members’ progress. The end-user side consists of various forms or questionnaires where information is gathered to then recommend specific placements to the user that best fit their expectations and abilities.

League Directory

A comprehensive directory of all leagues making up the AJLI organization. From basic information like address and phone numbers, through a complete roster of the leadership and member counts, to more specific organizational details outlined like a questionnaire, complete with organization-wide statistics. An add-on section allows the user to identify leagues by programs they’re involved in.

Responsive Intake

An integral part of the American Red Cross’s intake process for new volunteers. The applicant provides all necessary personal information, verifies their identity via email or text message, reads and accepts relevant documents, uploads a photo ID and consents to a background check. There’s an entirely separate workflow for underage applicants that consists of acquiring parental consent.


Provides intelligent search capabilities integrating data from many different sources and presenting them in a convenient interface.

Provides additional contextual information during search, based on J2EE, Spring and Google Web Toolkit.


AgileXPLORER simplifies the search, navigation and discovery process without having to know exactly what you are looking for.

Autodesk app

The application allows the user to request support as well as download education serial numbers for the majority of Autodesk products.

FishDonkey App

The FishDonkey App allows you to create and run fishing tournaments on your mobile phone.

The flexibility of FishDonkey makes it easy to run all types of tournaments in multiple formats.

Create a variety of tournament options such as biggest fish, largest stringer of fish, grand slam, multispecies tournaments, wildcard, or custom categories.

You can run a tournament anywhere and anyplace.


CheetahScan allows for the scanning of bar codes on tickets to charity events.

The application can function on its own, loaded on an iPod or iPad which is attached to a wall, while the organizer uses a scanner connected to the app via Bluetooth.


CheetahSwipe helps volunteers take part in events organized by their charity organizations.

The application is aimed at organizers of these events to help with the logistics.

The application allows for the purchase of items sold for charity as well as for making donations.

Centering Prayer

An application to help the user in the process of meditation / prayer.

The user can configure every aspect of the prayer or meditative session.

The user can set the opening and closing prayer as well as the accompanying sounds which begin and end the contemplation.

Between the opening and closing prayer, the application counts down the time for the contemplation.

Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection – a branded version of the SeeingSpot application for the American Red Cross.

The application was modified in accordance with the client’s wishes, including optimization for poor signal reception when working in remote areas.

USO Volunteer – a branded version of the SeeingSpot application for the USO.


A mobile application for social networking between volunteeers.

It allows for volunteers of organizations like AJLI or USO to find and contact each other.

The organization can notify its members about events and important information.

Volunteers can share information and see what others have shared in their Activity Feed.

Desktop agent application

For our US client we have developed a CLI desktop application that accepts, executes and forwards server provisioning scripts.

The agent is part of a server configuration system and works on Windows 64-bit machines. It was developed in Python 2.7, some parts of the code are written in C and integrated via pyrex.

The agent is compiled into a standalone form (not requiring a python interpreter) using Pyinstaller. It can also be installed as a Windows service.

BoxView IDE

The BoxView IDE features Domain Technologies’ embedded processor target debugger as part of the Eclipse software development environment.

BoxView IDE’s project manager supports individual compile options for each file. BoxView IDE’s editor provides timesaving editing features.

For each debug session, information is controlled and organized by interacting with the embedded processor target through monitoring software or on-chip hardware circuitry.

Many graphical views are supplied to facilitate control of your embedded processor testing.


EDAConnect integrates two environments: Product Lifecycle Management and Electronic Design Automation.

Two-way sync, unified scripting hooks, several layers of interface mappings and much more.

Connects to many flavours of software using both COM and web services as well as several database engines.

Built using Eclipse RCP platform for desktop.

For common cause

We have redesigned and rewritten the For Common Cause project website. It allows users to donate their money or time to micro-entrepreneurs. It includes integration with payment processing service, newsletter service and geolocation services.


We were responsible for developing a new website for SETIS agency of the European Commission. The project included migration of the content from the previous CMS system, adding several features specific to SETIS and implementation of new site design. On the technology side, we have used Plone, Python and ZODB. The SETIS specific features included intranet solution supporting shared team spaces, team calendars, custom presentation for managed data types, LDAP integration and more.

XMind Sync

We have created the main website for  XMind Sync family of products. The website is based on a CMS, it also includes shopping experience, Paypal payments and licensing system integration.

JDZ Legal

We have created a CMS system and website for a law company.


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