New technologies at NG Logic

Recently we have completed a number of projects in Python/Django for our US customers. Our Django teams are getting bigger and bigger, and we encourage our prospect customers to use this technology for their websites. Also we have started development of Android project and expect growth in this segment.

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Our past experience and on-going projects

The best proof of company's credibility and competences is its account of work done. Here is ours:


 Websites and Content Management Systems

Catholic Charismatic Renewal portal -

This is a portal for Catholic Charismatic Renewal community in Warsaw, Poland based on Plone and Zope. It was initially imported from HTML version of the website and subsequently extended. We also customized the off-the-shelf Plone for more demanding needs of security (SSL, content access rights, private areas). The portal is hosted by our company for the third year now, recently we migrated it to a more recent version of Plone.


Project E portal -

We provided the technology and coordinated the process of creation portal for series of catholic events in Warsaw free of charge. We also developed custom component for keeping track of submissions of participation in those events and planned for hosting infrastructure. The effort of creating the content and layout was supported by groups of volunteers from the project.

   Jezus - screenshot

 Web applications

Simpl  - Educational Organizations Support

Together with Simpl, LLC from Texas, USA, we are developing an application to support educational organizations taking part in government programmes. The application processes and presents information from large database, containing data imported from external data sources and edited by users. We implemented convenient user interface, many specialized reports, and PDF report generation. There is full user management support. This project is being implemented using Python, Zope, MySQL, CSS and AJAX.


Job Interview Reports

This is a smaller application for collecting and publishing job interview reports via the web. Anybody that published a report is paid an amount of money, while others can buy that report and learn how the interview went. We implemented it using Zope/Plone content management system. We have full support for report submission and validation, searching using different criteria and credit card payment system integration. You can view demo site of this portal at  (polish only).

   JIR screenshot

 Desktop applications

BoxView IDE

BoxView IDE is our integrated development environment for DSP processors produced jointly with Domain Technologies, Inc. from Texas, USA. It is based onEclipse and CDT environment. The product includes multi platform support, many features supporting DSP programming (like graph windows, profiler, command language), automatic crash report submission and more. The product is packaged as an OEM for some types of processors and stand-alone product for the others. The base product took a year to ship and we are now working on new version of the software.

The technologies involved are Java, C, C++, XML, XML-RPC and many device-related technologies.

There is more information about the product on its page.

  BoxView screenshot

Software Licensing Library

This is our stand-alone product that forked from BoxView IDE - we needed flexible and secure solution to licencing the product with different features and architectures both to private users and corporations. None of the existing licensing solutions fuffill our needs in terms of flexibility or price, so we came up with our own one.

LicenceLib employs powerful encryption algorithms (RSA, MD5), activation over the Internet, web site or email, licence server for centralized licence management in corporations and object oriented API. It was written using C, C++ and Python.

More information is available on the product page.






We are experienced and able to deliver software in the following technologies, but we are happy to learn new ones.: 

  • Java and Eclipse
  • C and C++
  • Python, WxPython
  • Django
  • Zope, Plone
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL 
  • Ocaml and ML family

Please also look at a list of our customers.


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