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Recently we have completed a number of projects in Python/Django for our US customers. Our Django teams are getting bigger and bigger, and we encourage our prospect customers to use this technology for their websites. Also we have started development of Android project and expect growth in this segment.

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The Software Licensing Library is a complete and flexible solution for your company licensing needs. You gain total control over what features of your software can be used on what machine for how long. The library uses license keys, which are copy and paste-able text strings that can be sent via the web or email. Each license key is issued for specific machine and

allows it to run client application with specific features until expiration time. The library can be used for protecting applications targeted at individual users as well as software used in large corporations. The library offers a high degree of security with RSA cipher, different licensing schemes and cross-platform portability.

Software Licensing Library Features

The most important features of the product are:  
  • Strong 1024-bit RSA encryption of licenses
  • Each license contains application identifier, host id and expiration time

  • Licenses can securely carry additional licensing information

  • Portable object-oriented C++ API for client applications

  • Automatic host identifier generation based on network adapter MAC and other hardware components. Possibility to provide custom host ids.

  • Possibility to limit the number of instances of running application

  • Interface in Python and C for automatic license generation, e.g. from a web page or a script.

  • Cross-platform License Server application that allows corporation to centralize license management by usage of remote licenses.

  • The application code compiled to native assembly code and important data are obfuscated to protect from reverse engineering.
  • This package may also work in extra-high security mode with appropriate server and client software
  • Multiple license instances in one file
  • Operating systems supported: Windows, Linux, Solaris
  • License request protocol from client application to a web or mail server that allows it to securely transport user name and password (RSA encrypted).

The library employs efficient and flexible security model derived from private-public encryption scheme. This means that our customers are the only party that can issue licenses for their software.

The License Server software allows storage of all licenses for organization in one place and license acquisition as needed. The License Server Controller application provides management for the available licenses,

handles requests for subsequent licenses and supports problem diagnoses with help of detailed log file.

This product can be easily customized to meet your company licensing needs. In particular, NG Logic can quickly adopt our solution to be used in Java and .NET platform. We can also develop custom license generation automations.

More information about supported licensing schemes can be found on this page.



Application registration dialog connecting to license server.

License server listing registered licenses.

License server showing available and granted licenses.



The client application has to meet following requirements:

  • C++ compiler (preferably MSVC for Windows platform or gcc for Linux)

  • linker that is able to statically link C++ code

The machine used to run the License Server has to meet following requirements:

  • Pentium-class processor

  • Windows NT/2000/XP and newer or Linux operating system

  • 256 MB RAM



The product is distributed as a SDK (Software Development Kit) containing compiled C++ library and headers, License Generator application for issuing licenses and License Server application. The package also contains sample applications demonstrating the use of licensing API and description of process of generating licenses and using it.  

If you are interested in evaluating our product, please contact our sales department at for receiving a demonstration SDK.



Package Contents

The Licensing Software library contains the following files:


A statically linked library built with Microsoft C++ toolchain

A set of C++ header files for inclusion in the licensed software

LicenceGenerator application for generation of license keys

LicenceServer application for management of remote licences

Sample license file

Sample VisualStudio C++ solution featuring:

·         Example demonstrating usage of local licenses

·         Example demonstrating usage of remote licenses

·         Compiled executable files coming from above examples

Server-side Python library

Server-side C bindings (provided as Windows dll)

Developer Guide

API Reference

We also provide the LicenseServer software for deploying in corporations as a separate package with convinient installer. The resident part of the application installs itself as a system service under Windows NT/2000/XP systems and as a daemon on the Linux systems.

Prices and Ordering

You can order the evaluation version of the library by emailing us at The price list for this product is located here. You can order a specific package of Software Licencing Library from the price list by the same email or phone. Please contact us for available delivery and payment options.

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