New technologies at NG Logic

Recently we have completed a number of projects in Python/Django for our US customers. Our Django teams are getting bigger and bigger, and we encourage our prospect customers to use this technology for their websites. Also we have started development of Android project and expect growth in this segment.

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New Sofware Licensing Library release

We are proud to annouce that a new 1.4 release of our cross-platform software licensing library solution for Windows, Linux and MacOS is available for download.

Below you can find a list of changes:

12/02/2008 - Release 1.4

What's new

- documentation update (now it is more convinient and describes our products in

- added License Library compiled with MS VS 9.0

- improved demo applications (added command line parameters)

- some bug fixes in License Library

- bug fix for License Server (occasionally HostId field in GUI Controller was empty)

- bug fix for License Server (occasionally there was a crash of a client application when no license was aquired)

- better support for Windows Vista

- "-help" command line switch for License Generator

- improve error messages in License Generator

- sample licenses updated

- include MS VS redistributable package into Windows VS 8.0 and 9.0 installers


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