New technologies at NG Logic

Recently we have completed a number of projects in Python/Django for our US customers. Our Django teams are getting bigger and bigger, and we encourage our prospect customers to use this technology for their websites. Also we have started development of Android project and expect growth in this segment.

2012-01-25 [ ... ]

Our number one rule is working close with customer.

We want to help and we are here to assist you throughout the whole process of creating new software, starting from defining initial vision and requirements, selecting the best techniques and deployment of the application along with training. We follow general software development best practices worked out in the industry, but we are also flexible enough to shift the process to the custom needs and circumstances. The following is short description of the most important aspects of the process.

We start with developing the project vision that will serve as a compass in the further steps to see if we did not diverted from the primary purpose of the project. Then we cooperate with customer to gather and define the needs of end user of the system and business rules that it has to follow. We are always happy to use our knowledge of IT market trends and best practices in order to implement the very best features in your system. The output of this phase is functional specification of the project that is accepted by the customer. Depending on the project and requirements, the specification may be very detailed down to each application screen or rather general containing only functionality break-down with details to be worked out in later stages.

Then its time to select the technologies used to implement the software. We use frameworks and languages that improve application quality and decrease development cost and time. Our flagship technology is Python, a flexible modern programming language with all related tools and frameworks, nevertheless we review all the available technologies to select the most feasible and guaranteeing outstanding results. We can also seamlessly integrate with the legacy systems and previously used technologies.



The project is usually split into several modules that are subsequently implemented and integrated to the rest of the system being developed and other legacy systems. At major milestones and between them we release preview builds that demonstrate the progress to customer and can be a base for evaluation by end users.  We welcome any changes during the development of the system - this way the users get exactly what they wanted. The change requests are managed via our bug and feature tracking software.

Depending on the project size, area and scope we implement automatic tests that can be used to assure the quality of each of the builds. We also set up a dedicated team of testers that work on finding, isolating and documenting bugs. All bugs are repaired as soon as they are discovered.

After the final user acceptance tests, the system is being deployed in the target environment and end user trainings are held when needed. During the warranty period agreed all defects in functionality are removed free of charge. We of course offer maintenance services up to the time when the application is retired. 



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