New technologies at NG Logic

Recently we have completed a number of projects in Python/Django for our US customers. Our Django teams are getting bigger and bigger, and we encourage our prospect customers to use this technology for their websites. Also we have started development of Android project and expect growth in this segment.

2012-01-25 [ ... ]

History of NG Logic

Our company was originally founded in 2003 by two college undergraduates, Marcin and Stan, that shared great visions, valued independency and liked challanges. Our first big project was BoxView IDE being produced in cooperation with Domain Technologies. At the beginning we created a prototype demonstrating the interfacing of device-specific C code with Java runtime and Eclipse environment. That prototype was successful and soon, the number of programmers working in this project increased  to three, two hired fulltime.

Now we had some sort of security of prevailance on the market and we started to search for new customers in many different segments. We did not want our company to be just another software company - we wanted to realize our visions of software.  Marcin was in search for coding efficiency using modern languages and methodologies like Ocaml, Python, Zope, automatic tests and agile programming. Stan was rather focused on the social side of running the business and J2EE related technologies. We also from the beginning agreed that we want to focus on honesty in our work and business relationships based on trust.

After two years it became evident that our visions cannot be realized in one company so we decided to split. Based on gentelman's agreement, Marcin took over the NG Logic name and projects he was in charge of while Stan headed over to founding its own company Eisenbits.

Currently NG Logic has a number of customers around the globe, with the most important ones located in USA. We were able to achieve our most important goals - start using modern technologies like Python and Zope in real-world applications. We are looking optimistically to the future searching for places we can deploy our programmers and technologies.

In 2011 NG Logic was transformed into a corporation and RafaƂ Maciejczyk, a long term emploee of NG Logic became a partner.

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